Remote Assistance

  Simsy 20:54 12 Sep 06


has anyone used this facility to give/recieve assistance using XP over the internet?

Both my dad and I are now on broadband. I consistantly get a speed of about 2Mg, he's usually about double that.

The thing is that he's currently on WinMe... now I know all the other potential reasons for upgrading to XP, but I often have reason to talk him through things over the phone, and if I can achieve things using "Remore Assistance" it might be a deal maker!

Can anyone advise, from experience, how effective, (i.e. how much "lag" there is), such a thing is?

What I envisgae doing is demonstrating, for example, how do do things using paint shop pro, working with a picture on his screen. I assume that the following is the sequence;

He asks for assitance from me,

He gives me his IP address,

I try to access it,

He give me permission,

We then BOTH see his screen, and my mouse works his cursor.

Do I have that correct, in principle? Does it really work?

In case it's significant, we're both with the same isp, and both in London, him central, me on the edge!

Thanks in anticipation.



  ed-0 21:01 12 Sep 06

both computers must use either xp home or xp pro.

  ed-0 21:02 12 Sep 06
  Forum Editor 21:15 12 Sep 06

I use remote assistance all the time,

to help clients through their day-to-day computer problems. I can even send new driver files or patches into the remote computer.

It's a Windows XP thing though.

There's no passing of IP addresses involved - the remote user requests assistance from you, either by email (generated from within Win XP), or via Windows messenger. You accept the request, and your machines are connected through a secure Microsoft server - you see the remote user's desktop on your screen, and you can use it just as if it was your own machine - the remote user sees the mouse pointer moving on his/her screen, and can monitor your activity. The two of you can communicate via a message pane within the remote view.

The remote user can terminate the connection at any point with a single mouse click, and so can you.

It works perfectly.

  Simsy 23:24 12 Sep 06

I knew it was a Windows XP thing... It might be the clincher that gets I can encourage to to upgrade with.

Your explanation is most helpful FE. I hadn't realised I could send driver files as well!

My question was really about how "well" it works with regard to the "immediacy"... If I move my mouse how quickly does the cursor move on the remote screen, and how quickly do I see it on my, controlling screen.

I'm assuming from your comment "It works perectly" that this isn't an issue at all?

Many thanks,



  Simsy 23:33 12 Sep 06

That was some typing error!!!

It might be the clincher that gets I can encourage to to upgrade with.


It might be the clincher, (Remote Assistance), that gets him to upgrade to WindowsXP.

Thanks again,



  Forum Editor 23:54 12 Sep 06

AS quickly as you need it to move, provided you both have a broadband connection, that is.

  Simsy 08:53 13 Sep 06




  Graham. 09:08 13 Sep 06

I have always used Windows Messenger, which needs a .net passport to be set up by both parties.

How to do it using email, please?

  Simsy 21:37 15 Sep 06

done a "test" with a pal.

We're both impressed.

My dad has agreed to the XP update... and my mate is going to persuade his dad to do the same... for the same reason!

Thanks for all the input.



  powerless 21:41 15 Sep 06

I only use RA to connect to our Server [when in work] at work.

But for other uses I use UltraVNC [and there are various versions; TightVNC, RealVNC].

Easy to use and no .NET needed.

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