Remote access without me present

  aplanet 26 Oct 11

I require a remote access where someone can connect to my computer without me being present. They can login and I can create multiple logins and track usage. And in ideal world they will get timed-out after given amount of time.

Any ideas of a software which can offer these features?

  Forum Editor 27 Oct 11

You're talking about a remote access server.

What will these remote users be doing on the server, and how many of them will there be - what resources will they be accessing? Give me a little more detail, and I'll offer some advice.

  aplanet 27 Oct 11

I have some software which gets regularly updated and by allowing a couple of people to use it remotely on an unused computer it will save me from posting out discs everyone couple of months. Thanks for your help.

  Forum Editor 27 Oct 11

Thank you.

It can be done, but in view of the fact that only a couple of people are involved a far simpler method might be to upload the updates to directory on your website server space, and use a .htaccess file to allow people to login and download that way.

This is an excellent and simple solution, provided the update file size is reasonable, and won't lead you into paying excess bandwidth charges.

  aplanet 28 Oct 11

Hi, Thanks for your reply

Unfortunately that is not an option as its a 4gb dvd so thats why i'd like to go down the remote access route.

If it can be done, can you point me in the right direction. Perhaps recommend some software or do I simply need to lookup remote access servers?

thank you for your help

  johnathann 08 Nov 11

You need a Virtual Private Network to access your system remote from somewhere else.

  Forum Editor 09 Nov 11

"You need a Virtual Private Network to access your system remote from somewhere else."

No you don't.


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