Remote access to my network

  Sset 15:58 10 Dec 09

I have been trying to set up access to my network from remote sites using DynDNS, it is passing through several centres including BT's but I am being blocked (timed out)at one of BT's centre which has the IP address of
I cant seem to be able to contact anyone in BT to answer this problem. I have used tracert to establish this, can anyone help?

  mgmcc 23:16 10 Dec 09

Have you considered using Hamachi as a VPN solution? click here

  Sset 10:08 11 Dec 09

Thanks for the info Ill look at and see if its suitable to access my netwook. All I want is remote acces to my security cameras.

  Technotiger 12:47 11 Dec 09
  mgmcc 20:29 11 Dec 09

Does "Teamviewer" actually let you access files in a remote computer (as if in a LAN), or simply allow you to "remote control" like a VNC program?

  Technotiger 21:07 11 Dec 09

Must be honest, and say I don't know - but I would guess that it is worth a try, after all it is Free.

  compumac 21:18 11 Dec 09

Yes it does allow you to do just that

  compumac 21:21 11 Dec 09

I use to help friends from a distance when they are stuck, as it saves a lot of travelling.

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