Molly_Don 20:08 09 Oct 08

I’m running XP and MS Word, is there a way to set up a “Reminder” how does it work, is it like a pop up when I set it?


  Covergirl 22:28 09 Oct 08

. . . ?

  Molly_Don 22:33 09 Oct 08

Oh sorry for not explaing better, my memory is crap, I want something like a pop up to remind me to call someone, email someone etc etc

  DieSse 22:39 09 Oct 08

Try this - it's free

click here

  Molly_Don 23:06 09 Oct 08

Hi DieSse

That looks just the job and it appears simple to use which will suite me.

Thank you

  Molly_Don 21:11 11 Oct 08


I downloaded that programe the other day, I've been playing around with it but not making any progress, are there any instructions please?

  DieSse 00:01 12 Oct 08

Did you get the latest version - RMP3?

I just downloaded and set up a simple reminder in a few seconds - that worked as advertised. I thought it very straightforward and simple to use without help - though I see the help is not actually available yet.

  Molly_Don 14:56 12 Oct 08

Hi DieSse

No, I had version 2 installed, I've just uninstalled it, I've clicked on your link again, and can't see version 3, any help please?

  bremner 15:40 12 Oct 08

Just a question if you have Word do you have Office?, if so you could use calendar in Outlook for all your reminders.

  DieSse 15:46 12 Oct 08

RMP3 click here

  Molly_Don 16:20 12 Oct 08

Hello bremner, I use OpenOffice


Ooooo thank you.

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