reliable wireless router

  Joe R 20:28 14 Dec 07

Hi all,

at Xmas I shall be setting up a wireless network, to be shared between my own desktop, via an ethernet cable, and two laptops, which will be required to connect wirelessly. All are running XP.

Has anyone got experience of this type of network, and/or can anyone recommend a wireless router, (Virgin Media broadband, so not ADSL), which will be capable of running this setup.?

P.s. both laptops will be at a range of approximately five metres, through one ceiling, but with no electrical equipment anywhere near both ends.

  ambra4 02:38 15 Dec 07

Look at these

Linksys Compact Wireless-G 54Mbps Cable/ DSL Broadband Router

click here

D-Link 54Mbps Wireless Broadband Router

click here

3Com Office Connect Wireless 54Mbps Cable/DSL Router

click here

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