Reliable ISP at a reasonable cost.

  Bald Eagle 18:15 28 Dec 03

I have scanned this site with no results plus tried putting ISP/costs/availabilty in Google to no avail. Can someone suggest an ISP for my daughter who wants one to use from say 8pm to 8am? As she can only access it at these times a 24/7 supply is not wanted. Broadband is not an option because of the cost.

  AubreyS 19:35 28 Dec 03

How about Freeserve Pay As You Go? click here

  Indigo 1 19:49 28 Dec 03

In my honest opinion, Force 9 is excellent. They also come top of the list in many surveys and don't force you to use their page for your homepage.

click here

  Bald Eagle 22:51 28 Dec 03

Aubrey , steering away from PAYG, daughter once got carried away and the bill ( my telephone line!) was horrendous!

Indigo 1 even the 24/7 here looks very reasonably priced!

Thanks to you both.

  Stuartli 14:30 29 Dec 03

Tiscali's unlimited Off Peak from 6pm to 8am weekdays plus all weekend could be of interest:

click here

  Stuartli 14:30 29 Dec 03

If I remember correctly, Tesco's service is provided by Tiscali...

  Fordy 15:04 29 Dec 03

this welsh ISP for a year now click here I get 80 hours access per month - can be taken anytime 24/7 - for £7.99 per month.
Not the fastest, quite often it's 33.6Kbps, but it's always there and anytime I've had a problem they have answered within 24 hours.
Of course they have other options

  jbaker65 15:24 29 Dec 03

V21 is also good at £9.95 per MONTH for 42 hours per WEEK. Since this averages to 7 hours/day, it's enough for most people. I've always found it reliable.

  monkon2 16:27 29 Dec 03

u say that broad band is expensive? if you are lucky u may well find a broad band deal at the minute, most of the isp's have some sort of broad band offer. im on ntl broad band and i paid no install fee and got my first month free. even now i only pay £17.00 per month. I hope this helps

  Bald Eagle 23:43 29 Dec 03

Thanks folk, as you appreciate with Xmas and New Year I'm a bit tied up at the moment! I shall look at all your suggestions as soon as eating and drinking allow!


  palinka 17:01 30 Dec 03

You could try onetel who do an "After hours" package for £9.99 a month. This gives as long as you like between 6pm and 8am and all day at weekends. If, occasionally, you need to dial up at someother time the cost is only 1p per minute.

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