Relay access denied

  The Paul 20:58 06 Feb 05

Why is this - I tried to sign up for a discussion with the BBC tonight and all I had to do was reply to an email. I clicked "reply" and thats was that. Then it was bounced back with the message "Relay access denied".

What is this and why do I get it so often on messages where I have clicked reply?

  octal 21:19 06 Feb 05

Have you set up your email client to send your email through your ISP?

I think this can happen if you don't, so for outgoing emails it should be something like: and make sure its sending on port 25 also try Allow Authentication is checked.

  octal 21:20 06 Feb 05

Sorry, I meant to ask who your ISP is?

  The Paul 21:33 06 Feb 05

my email accounts are in France - using Wanadoo and my various web sites. All are set up using the and settings for sending and receiving.

The authentication setting doesnt seem to be as you suggest.

  octal 21:37 06 Feb 05

OK, can you give a bit more info on the exact error message as well, that might give some clue on how its being blocked. This link to Microsoft gives a general overview of relay blocking and its causes, I've only indicated one, there are others: click here

  The Paul 21:40 06 Feb 05
  octal 22:10 06 Feb 05

It could be a server problem if you're normally able to send and receive emails. There appears to be little on Relay access denied on the MS site.

Until someone else comes up with another idea the only thing I can think of at the moment is if you have web mail access on you ISP is to try and reply from there, in case its a local problem or forward onto another free web mail sever like Hotmail or Yahoo and reply from there.

  end 00:00 07 Feb 05

do you access your mails through OE or do you read them on server?

you might like to try replying direct from server (unless I have totally lost the plot here)

if they send the e mail to your server, then u can read it on there and reply from there; or will it not let you do even that? ( I am one o the "rare breed" that does not use OE and I read my mail direct on server)

you should be able to open your mails on server ::))

  octal 06:34 07 Feb 05

Didn't say that in my Sunday 22:10 post?

  The Paul 07:37 07 Feb 05

end - do you not sleep or eat or anything.

I use Outlook and have always used this. I have a few websites for which I use the email addresses for the businesses associated. This has always been the case but recently I have noticed that certain emails wont reply.

The most recent was to our very own Forum Editor when trying to reply to his email direct from IDG.????

  end 10:24 07 Feb 05

yup; ok, its on here twice now:(

the Paul

"IDG" is ?what?

and using Outlook or Outlook express

(I use neither , and always read mails on server)
and yes, I do , sleep, and eat and hold down a job as well::))

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