rejection of e-mails error 452

  dangerusone 01 Jun 12

When I try and forward e-mails I'm getting the instant message

"Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients The following recipients could not be reached

Joe Bloggs (assumed name)

452 Too many recipients received this hour 01/06/2012 00.12"

This is only happening when I forward messages, when I just e-mail normally the go through with no trouble. This has only started happening this evening and has never cropped up in all the years I've been on line. Has anyone any knowledge as to why this should be happening.

  dangerusone 01 Jun 12

I apologise, in my haste to post I hadn't read Thumbscrews post. I am also with TalkTalk, I will follow all the advice given there and see what comes up.

Sorry for duplicating Thumbscrews post.

  lotvic 01 Jun 12

It's not just you, looks like a talktalk prob, do a google for:

talktalk email 452 Too many recipients received this hour

  onthelimit1 01 Jun 12

Yes, neighbour with Tiscali and same error - he has been assured that the problem will be resolved today.

  dangerusone 01 Jun 12

I took the advice given in the previous thread for outbound to and it worked OK, should I alter the incoming to also?


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