Reinstalling XP

  Grandad D 19:58 26 Jun 06

Hi. I have a home built computer that has worked fine for the last 12 months or so. However the other day it would not boot. It just came out with the error "Missing or corrupt windows root>\system32\hal.dll" I decided to reinstall XP but when I tried to do this the CD runs and when it gets to a blue screen with "Windows setup" in the top left corner, the computer just hangs and will not go any further. I have installed/reinstalled XP many times on other computer's before but have not come across this. Any ideas please. Ta, Dennis.

  mattyc_92 20:05 26 Jun 06

I have had this problem many times from where I used to work.
Most of the time, it is either due to a damaged CD/DVD ROM or the disc is dirty.

I would try cleaning the disc first, and if that wont work, check if a friend's system will boot from it

  Grandad D 20:11 26 Jun 06

Hi, I have tried this already and the cd works fine. Ta, Dennis.

  Grandad D 20:12 26 Jun 06

Sorry I forgot to say that I have also tried a new CD/DVD drive as well. Ta, Dennis.

  baldtaco 21:16 26 Jun 06
  Grandad D 21:40 26 Jun 06

Thanks baldtaco that looks good to me, I will try this and let you know if it works, Ta Dennis.

  baldtaco 21:53 26 Jun 06

Pleasure amigo

  dazzling 00:24 27 Jun 06

my dad had exactly the same message the other day he has just got new pc with raid array and had left his pen drive plugged in when he rebooted and that was the message.not saying your problem is the same but its worth remembering should you forget to take it out we just stumbled across it by chance.good luck daren.

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