ReInstalling winxphome

  Demora 09:54 03 Feb 05


This has probably been asked before but. I need to clear out my c drive and reinstall xp. BUT the disk I have is the upgrade. If I go for a clean install am I going to need my 98se cd? which is in bad condition.


  ventanas 10:05 03 Feb 05

No, you will not need it. An existing installation will be picked up and the drive formatted as normal. I have done this three times on different machines with XP Pro. However if you ever change to a new hard drive you will need your win98 disc.

  Demora 10:12 03 Feb 05

OK thanks. Wish me luck. This pc is 4 years old and never been formatted. Glup so I'm going to get my 19year old daughter to press the enter button.

I've done formats and reinstalls before on other pcs but not with xp.

I have made the relevant backups etc.

Maybe back later


  Demora 14:00 03 Feb 05

Yes I'm back.

Put xp cd in drive and get message on screen to press any key to boot from cd. I do this and it just goes straight into windowsxp. I checked in the BIOS that the cd is a bootable drive and this is enabled. I made sure the disk was clean. Wonder if a win 98se startup disk will help???


  mattyc_92 14:11 03 Feb 05

You may not be ressing a key quick enough

  ventanas 14:22 03 Feb 05

98 start disc will not work. If the bios is set to boot from CD before hddo as it appears it may be as mattyc_92 says. Be sure to hit the spacebar quickly and keep pressing it.

  MIke 15:30 03 Feb 05

Or do as I did disable booting from hdd and floppy in the Bios if you can

  Demora 16:21 03 Feb 05

I can't seem to get the menu where I can just get rid of everything on the c drive and do a complete install of everything. I now have a dual boot xp system and I wanted to format the c drive and start fresh.

It was so easy to do this under 98



  ventanas 16:24 03 Feb 05

Yesterday and Today formatted two three year old XP Pro computers that are identical in every respect, then reinstalled identical programs to both. One machine was one and a half hours quicker than the other for the whole process, and is now going like a train. The slower machine is hopeless. It takes ages to load anything and then runs apps at a snails pace.

I can only think that perhaps the hard drive is slowing down with wear, or the proccessor about to give up. Unless anyone has any other ideas.

Grateful for any advice.

  ventanas 16:25 03 Feb 05

Sorry above in wrong place.

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