Reinstalling Windows 98SE

  Fanonap 21:44 01 Jan 04

Anyone know the answer to this please.
When using FDisk prior to reinstalling Windows 98SE should I select 1.Create a primary Dos partition or
4.Create an Extended Dos partition.

Thanks in advance.

  Nellie2 21:52 01 Jan 04

Well you have to create your primary partitions before you do your extended ones... here is a Microsoft how to for you

click here;en-us;Q255867

  Nellie2 21:53 01 Jan 04

oops link didn't post


just copy and paste the above taking the space out from between / and support

  Fanonap 22:17 01 Jan 04

Thanks for that Nellie2, just read it and it is helpful. I'm clutching at straws really as I've formatted and reinstalled Windows about 8 times in the last month and each time windows flies untill I start reinstalling programs then various probs start ( BSOD, hanging on shutdown, rebooting on its own a couple of times)

  concretepigsy 22:18 01 Jan 04

there are know problems and shutdown issues. habe you downloaded all the upgrades from the microsoft site???

  Fanonap 22:19 01 Jan 04

Yeah, done that but thanks.

  woodchip 22:25 01 Jan 04

Why have you used FDISK as there is no need just to reinstall windows.

Like this if you have not got a Win98 Floppy start disc go click here and download a OEM Win98se boot disc. put a floppy disc in computer and double click the download it will create a boot disc for you. Then restart the Comp with the Boot Disc, and at the A:\> prompt type FORMAT C: like this

A:\>FORMAT C: press enter just then press Y for yes when it asks when it gets to the end it will ask for a volume name just ignore and press enter it will return you to the A:\> with a clean drive. Restart your computer with the floppy disc and choose START WITH CD-ROM SUPPORT put your Win98 Disc in the comp. After it as done loading the Ram Drive etc. it will return you to A:\>

now this is the tricky part, If your CD-ROM was D:\ it will now be E:\ no matter what the letter was it will move up by one letter.

Type the CD-ROM letter i.e. if it was D:\ type E: and press enter then type at E:\SETUP like this

E:\SETUP press enter and follow the instructions on screen from there, Have your Win98 Reg KEY ready on the Win98 Book


  woodchip 22:26 01 Jan 04
  Fanonap 22:37 01 Jan 04

Thanks Woodchip.
The reason for my question was that I was having probs with windows after 3 yrs of adding and removing stuff and decided that a fresh install of windows on a clean drive was required. So I inserted the boot disc and ran FDisk and Format from the A: prompt and reinstalled windows and ended up as in my last reply above each time. This led me to believe that maybe I've not formatted correctly or not created the dos partitions correctly.

  woodchip 22:44 01 Jan 04

If you only want one partition just create a Primary Partition Make it Active then shut down the computer NOT REBOOT. Then restart your comp and format C:

  Fanonap 23:03 01 Jan 04

Tx, got a good set of instructions from here too.
click here

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