KILLBILL3 21:11 06 Jul 04

Hi i have tried to reinstall 98 on a pc that already has 2000 on it. its a pentium 2 with a low spec. 2gb HD.
i have started with the 98 floppy, removed all partitions, created a new partition (used fdisk) and i cannot format c.
i tried to run the cd but it wont have it.

can someone please give me instructions to install win98 from here? :)

or could i use xp?

  jonnytub 21:22 06 Jul 04

not advised to use xp on p2 processor, what happens when you type setup from the command line????

  KILLBILL3 21:29 06 Jul 04

i forgot to mention this- when i put SETUP the cd tries to start, then it either says unable to read from cddrive or it just goes back to the startup.

  jonnytub 21:34 06 Jul 04

is the disk scratched?, if so try the toothpast method, smear a bit of paste around the disk then polish the surface with a SOFT cloth.

  KILLBILL3 21:41 06 Jul 04

will check but the disk has not been out of the pc and its about 4-5 years old.
could you list the way you would do it and i will try to re format? is this a good idea? cheers johnnytub

  jonnytub 21:49 06 Jul 04

go here click here download the 98 startup files and copy them to a different floppy disk to the one your using, just incase it's corrupt, insert into floppy and start pc up, when asked and when the floppy has booted the pc up, you will be given 3 options, choose to start the pc with cd-rom. Once booted type format c:, confirm, when done restart and allow the pc to boot from the floppy drive again, i know it isn't required to do a restart again but i prefer to, type setup or setup.exe, don't matter which. all being fine your pc should begin to boot from the cd.

  jonnytub 21:50 06 Jul 04

you have to format as you can't install 98 over 2000, only vice-versa

  KILLBILL3 22:03 06 Jul 04

muchos gracias. will let u know how i get on!

  jonnytub 22:06 06 Jul 04


  KILLBILL3 09:44 08 Jul 04

sorted. thanks very much for that. your instructions worked . now i have to install the soundcard driver That i dont have. i tried a soundblaster pro driver from creative site but it didnt work. its def a soundblaster pro card..

  jonnytub 12:17 08 Jul 04

try the windows update site, sometimes throws the correct driver in for you

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