Reinstalled but no wireless

  t_searle 18:04 13 May 06

Just upgraded to XP pro with a full format in between. But cant get my wireless to work on my laptop(HP). Have tried installing all the drivers a few times with no luck and the quick launch keys aswell. Can anyone help?? Thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 19:30 13 May 06

One thing I'd ask: are you sure that the wireless antennae is on?

  ade.h 20:34 13 May 06

The blue light at the front should be on.

Your firewall should be configured to allow the connection, assuming that it hasn't already asked you for a rule to be created, but that depends on exactly how far through the process of connecting you can actually get. Could you tell us? Will it simply not connect at all, or is it making an effort but not getting an IP, or is it getting its IP but not providing LAN traffic or internet access?

  ade.h 20:44 13 May 06

I've just noticed that you have duplicated this thread in the Helproom. Please try to avoid doing that as it helps us to help you if we can all post in the same place and get to read all the responses.

  ade.h 21:04 13 May 06

Re: the replies in your other thread.

You don't have to run the Wireless Network Wizard; the best way to set up the connection is to let Windows do it on the fly when you try to connect.

Hopefully, you have already followed the correct procedure, but here it just in case: 1) If the WLAN icon in the Notification Area does not have a red cross, double click on it. This launches the "Available Networks List". 2) Click on "refresh list of available networks" on the left pane and your SSID should appear if it has not already done so. 3) Click on the Connect button.

It would be useful if you would enter your Network Connections folder via the Start Menu and check that your WLAN adapter is listed and does not have a red cross.

  ade.h 21:05 13 May 06

And HP Wireless Assistant is not essential to this process (I don't use it at all).

  ed-0 21:09 13 May 06

" And HP Wireless Assistant is not essential to this process (I don't use it at all)."

neither do I, but it would tell us if the correct drivers for the WiFi have been installed as they has been no response to whether the lighted blue WiFi button is on. The drivers off the utility disk must be used or the WiFi will not work.

  ade.h 21:20 13 May 06

Yes, I'm waiting for a response, too. I would very much like to know - as you say - whether the Intel driver has been installed. It should have been, but as you're probably aware, the HP Software Setup CD has tick boxes for everything and it would be perfectly possible to accidentally clear the wrong box, thus ending up without a particular driver or utility.

I can provide a link for the latest Intel driver if t_searle needs it, as I updated mine recently.

  t_searle 11:24 14 May 06


  t_searle 11:26 14 May 06

I Cant even get the blue light on the front to come on to show that the wirless is on. In netqworks there is only one option there and it says the cable is unplugged. I want the wireless so I dont need the cable!! Please help

  Sab's 22 11:55 14 May 06

I can not open mutiple internet explorer to veiw more web site. I have try clicking the short cut on desktop but the existing explorer disappears.Can you help please, Thanks!

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