Reinstallation - No Hibernate / No Partition

  tammer 18:42 17 May 07


Some of you will recall my self-inflicted (ok, it wasn't all my fault, Microsoft Update service still freezes my laptop) problems with my XP Home Evesham laptop.

Since reinstalling windows and getting on all the software, and trying a Microsoft fix for the above mentioned freezing problem, I no longer have a hibernate option on turning off. Hibernate is enabled in the power options. I can't be sure if it's ever been there since reinstalling windows last weekend. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Secondly, prior to the reinstallation, there was a separate partition on the hard disk with Compaq something or other in it. I no longer have this but I don't know if I need to worry about it?

Any help appreciated.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:39 17 May 07

Try hitting the shift key, the "stand by" may change to hibernate

  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:43 17 May 07

Or try this
click here
Your partition may have been the recovery partition do restore to factory settings.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 22:11 17 May 07

Tried the registry hack but did not work for me.

  tammer 23:00 17 May 07

No joy with the holding down shift I'm afraid.

I'm a little nervous about meddling with the registry mind you.

Is there anything else you'd suggest?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:32 18 May 07

The registry hack works with the 2005 version of msgina.dll, I had the 2004 version but lifted the 2005 off my laptop that is displaying the hibernate button. I now have 4 buttons. As to shift not working, is enable hibernation check box ticked in the power optons.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:41 18 May 07

msgina.dll version 5.1.2600.2603 27/01/2005 is the one.

  birdface 10:48 18 May 07

If Hibernate is ticked in power options ,Try un-ticking it apply ok, Reboot computer and go back into power options and re-tick it apply ok.See if it works then.

  tammer 08:11 19 May 07

I can get the Hibernate option not by holding down shift.

I think I tried "tab" the first time! What a dufus.

That's fine for now so I'll mark this as resolved.

Thanks for the help.

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