Reinstall XP from Restore Disks-Problems

  Lokit 09:39 31 Aug 06

Had hard drive replaced under warranty on a laptop and have successfully reinstalled Xp Home using the supplied restore disks.

According to the system information OS is "Version 2002 SP1 OEM".

This is fair enough but problems start when automatic update shows 54 updates and I let the process install them all.

Chaos! The machine won't boot unless I do it in safemode.

Have used system restore to get back to the clean OS install and have now brought the machine up to as it was before the updates and have installed all the software and backups from the old hard drive.The system is perfectly stable.

Where do I go from here?

Are the updates offered by autoupdate necessary and if so how do I be selective in choosing the updates that are not going to trash my system?

  ArrGee 10:16 31 Aug 06

Try downloading/installing the updates one at a time. When you are on the Windows Update screen, you can choose between Express or Custom. Hit Custom and click on just one or two updates rather than the whole lot.

  DieSse 10:17 31 Aug 06

*Are the updates offered by autoupdate necessary*


* do I be selective in choosing the updates that are not going to trash my system?*

None of them trash systems - so whatever is happening is peculiar to this system - so no-one can really tell you the answer to this.

I suggest first you switch off the automatic updates.

I suggest you do the updates manually, by going to the Windows Update site and do them one at a time, or in small batches. Service Pack2 is the first and most important, and should be done on it's own.

Make sure the Firewall is ON - and turn off the Anti-Virus, which can interfere with updating. Don't do any surfing or get emails until the updating is pretty complete, and you've turned the AV back on.

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