Reinstall of XP, but problems as I have no s/n

  JINXED02 16:00 26 Jan 04

Hey guys im doing a reinstall of XP on a friends machine (one that had 98SE on it).

I got a .iso of XP, works fine except i cant seem to get a working serial number.. i tried all of the ones posted at click here but not a single one worked.

Any help folks?

  DieSse 16:27 26 Jan 04

Not here.

  ©®@$? 16:27 26 Jan 04

try microsoft! i'm sure they would be intrested in your problem

  GibsonSt19 16:39 26 Jan 04

click here to see some helpful advice. You can even sign up to their newsletter and I'm sure they'd be willing to speak to you!

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