Reinstall Windows Me and leave Linux in place

  bemuzed 15:22 22 Jan 06

I have a PC which dual boots Windows Me and Linux (PClinuxOS). That may make me sound like an expert, but I am far fom it. Before I got Linux I reinstalled Windows Me after a card corrupted it, and I did that by reforamtting the hard disk in another PC. That was a hassle. I am wodering if I can leave the hard disk in place, reformat using Linux then reinstall Windows Me on its current partition (windows and Linux are on the same physical hard disk but on different partitions). Is that the easiest thing to do and how? thanks

  octal 17:02 22 Jan 06

I've never tried this, but I would have thought you could re-format the C partition and reinstall ME, you can't reformat in FAT32 or NTFS file system for windows using Linux so you will have to use the ME boot disk.

Once you've put Windows ME back on, if you re-boot and you get the menu to select your choice of operating system, that's fine its all working, if you don't you might have to either use the Linux boot disk to rescue Linux, or reinstall Linux. When you reinstall Linux it should offer to save all your old settings for you if that distro is any good.

This will put your post to the top again in case someone else has a better idea.

  bemuzed 17:59 22 Jan 06

thanks. i think my distro did give the opportunity to reformat a partition as FAT32, not sure why. So I'll give it a go.

  bemuzed 22:20 24 Jan 06

In case anyone trieds this it turned into a bit of a disaster and I had to reformat my hard drive to start again.

  octal 22:26 24 Jan 06

Oh no, sorry to hear that.

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