reinstall win xp

  will 16:33 09 May 03

My Dell laptop runs win xp home. It is getting to be unstable to end that the system restore does not fix problems. I would like to reinstall windows and get the machine back to "new". I have a reinstallation cd - what do I have to do before reinstalling windows?

  dth 16:44 09 May 03

just copy all your data, email folders, address book and internet connection info onto a CDR -as when you use the reinstallation disc it will wipe your hard disk. then just simply copy your data etc back

  Djohn 16:55 09 May 03

Turn off PC, and insert XP CD. Re-boot, You will see a message on screen, "Press any key to boot from CD", do this and XP will start to install files ready for a new install.

You will be given easy to follow instructions and choices from there on, you want "fresh install". XP will then start to format your drive and install a clean fresh copy on your drive.

*IMPORTANT* Apart from the first time you use the option, *Boot from CD* Don't do it again!

Each time windows re-boots it will give you this message again, just ignore it and a couple of seconds later it will automatically continue to load from your Hard drive. If you do press, (Any key to boot) it will put you in an endless loop of re-booting. J.

  will 11:16 10 May 03

Thanks for the help guys. Job done!!!

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