reinstall will not boot from cd-rom

  tugtac 22:33 29 Jul 08

Am trying to re install xp but after setting the bios up and setting first boot device to "cd-rom" when i get to "press F1" it goes to "boot from Cd-rom" and then stops dead.
HHD is formatted and set primary master, nothing on primary slave.
secondary master is the dvd-rw and my secondary slave is a dvd-rom,
any ideas?

  skidzy 22:38 29 Jul 08

I take it ide drives ?

Disconnect the dvd-rw for now and connect the dvd rom onto the hdd ide cable that connects to the mobo and try again.
You can always connect the other drive later.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:41 29 Jul 08

Did you remember to save and ext(F10) after setting cd as first boot device?

sometimes the BIOS "sticks" and you need to have several attempts theget it to work.

also it may be worth "clearing the BIOS" by using the clear jumper setting first before rsetting the boot device order.

  LANDCRUISER 23:51 29 Jul 08

i have the same problem as tugtac it must be something windows are doing because its only recently this has happened,a few years back i used to reformat with no problems at all but recently i allways have this fight to get pc working again

  xania 09:16 30 Jul 08

Just a double-check. Are you sure you are putting the install media into the secondary master drive. Have you tried reading the install media using Windows explorer (to make sure the drive is fully operational).

  tugtac 16:21 30 Jul 08

many thanks for all your suggestions it helps with future queries.
In desperation i put in my reserve hard disk and it let me in to load from cd! and no further problem, os loaded ok but the hd i took out does not appear to be u/s so make what you like of that!
thanks all

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