Reinstall Outlook 2003

  HIT any key 18:21 29 Apr 08

After rebuilding my system I am now doing a new install of everything and I am having some problems with customising Outlook 2003. I remember it was difficult last time I did this but I cannot remeber how I got round it.

I am installing on a new disk (drives C: for system & D: for data). I can see my original disks and have copied my original D: disk to the new one. What I need is to get outlook to pick up the all the original customisation (accounts, folders, etc.). How do I do this?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:15 29 Apr 08

In 2007:


Data file management

Then choose the location of the pst file - wherever you have it on the D drive.

That's how it is done in 2007; likely very similar in 2003

  HIT any key 19:29 29 Apr 08

OK - I have managed to point to the right PST file and can see all my existing folders & mail. What I don't seem to be able to get is the account settings.

I have just been onto my Lycos Personal account and they are not telling you how to set up POP3 anymore.

  HIT any key 21:42 29 Apr 08

OK - having pointed to the correct PST file I needed to add the account details. This had to be done manually but I found some details on the web for the POP3 settings I needed.

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