Reinstall Norton antivirus from backup saved to CD

  notrom 10:22 15 Jun 03

A year ago, thinking I had to reinstall my whole system, I backed up the Norton Antivirus file to CD thinking I'd work out later how to reinstall when the time came. As it happened, the expected system reinstallation was not required last year, but it is now. Simple but v basic question, how do I reinstall Norton? From the sheer simplicity of the problem, you'll gather I'm not v clued up on technical matters. I'm sure it's covered somewhere in archives but can't find it - thread titles not always as informative as they might be!

  notrom 10:24 15 Jun 03

I have Windows ME

  powerless 10:29 15 Jun 03

If the file has an extension of .exe you should just be able to double click it and it will launch the installer.

So just double click the file.

  notrom 10:46 15 Jun 03

'Fraid it's just marked "Norton AntiVirus"

  powerless 10:52 15 Jun 03


You will not be able to see the .exe in the name. If you can right click the file and choose properties. Can you see .exe anywhere?

  notrom 11:18 15 Jun 03

Negative again. All it indicates (apart from size, number of files, folders etc) is: Type: File Folder.

  powerless 11:20 15 Jun 03

How big is the file?

  notrom 11:49 15 Jun 03

Properties gives the following: Size: 36.7 MB (38,494,267 bytes; Size on disk: 36.8 MB (38,662,144 bytes; Contains: 242 files, 4 folders. Attributes boxes Read Only, Hidden and Archive are all unticked.

  jazzypop 12:36 15 Jun 03

If you double-click the folder, you should see the contents of it. Is there a setup.exe or install.exe within?

  notrom 13:42 15 Jun 03

Sorry for delay - just having lunch in sun-drenched garden and a sublime Bordeaux white (sorry, that's below the belt!). I fear not in answer to your query.

  powerless 13:50 15 Jun 03

When you say backuped the file what did you backup from?

Norton comes on a disk on its own.

So where did this Norton file come from?

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