The regular Wednesday S and D updates..

  Stuartli 13:00 10 Dec 08

..are now available.

Remember to Immunize..:-)

  jolorna 13:48 10 Dec 08


  rawprawn 14:39 10 Dec 08

Good afternoon Stuartli, and thank you.

  tonyx1302 14:45 10 Dec 08

Many thanks Stuartli and as a post it....about 6/7 months ago you may remember , I was looking to change isp provider and was considering Talktalk. After seeking advice from the forum.... and a few sleepless nights!...I switched to TT. It was after yours and Maj great help/opinions that I took the plunge and contacted TT and it turned out an excellent move.
Not only was it so simple switching it is very cost effective. I have the TT International 3 package which costs £24 pcm. all in!! Brilliant.

I have been with TT for just over six months now and I have nothing but praise


  Stuartli 15:01 10 Dec 08

Delighted you are happy..:-)

Just one thing - I pay under £22 a month for the same package and have done so since joining in April 2006.

I'm currently getting speed test figures of up to 10MB on the "up to 8MB" TT LLU service, which may be related to ADSL+2 trials.

  sunnystaines 16:06 10 Dec 08


  guesswho2 16:29 10 Dec 08

All you lucky TalkTalk guys must remember that you're all being subsidised by the likes of me, out in the sticks, where the the local exchange will never be unbundled. I've just been informed that my broadband bill is going up from £10 to £12.99 per month. In the last couple of days, my BB speed has gone up to about 5.9Mb/s.

  rdave13 16:59 10 Dec 08

Thanks Stuartli, and I'll immunize now before I forget.

  Stuartli 17:39 10 Dec 08

With all due respects we're not being subsidised by you - it's probably not an economic proposition for the ISPs involved to install LLU equipment at present.

At least you are getting a good speed.

  tonyx1302 17:19 11 Dec 08

Hi Stuartli. Yes my package is the same as yours but I have a couple of 'extras'...caller ID etc which bumps it up it up to £24 but still unbelievable package including very good fast and reliable speeds...not ten but 6-7 MB..which is an incredible improvement over my previous provider so I am more than pleased.


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