regular tick & "howl" from PC onboard speaker

  wint 11:11 09 Apr 07


My son phoned with a strange PC problem. The PC, he thinks, is running OK but a little slower than normal. It has a regular ticking noise (more electronic than mechanical, I assume it comes from the onboard mini spkr) and every 15 seconds or so it emits a fairly loud howl, starting about 3KHz and, over roughly 1 second falling in frequency to below the speaker's audible range. The "ticking" then continues until the next howl.

This is with the external speakers off.

He has run AVG anti virus a couple of times and also anti spyware.

He held the telephone near the tower unit for me to hear.

The PC is an Evesham, roughly 5 years old, 1.8 Athlon, 1GB RAM Win XP Pro.

Any suggestions.

  provider 2 11:30 09 Apr 07
  wint 14:20 09 Apr 07

Thanks provider 2, the last one, "head_stuck_to_platter-Phaser noise does sound just like it. Much to my surprise!

Rescue of data & new drive coming up.



  provider 2 17:12 09 Apr 07

Glad to see you have identified the problem. I think the Hitachi sound-effects are quite entertaining in a doom-laden sort of way. I really must get out more!

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