Regseeker Question

  Eargasm 22:36 09 May 04

Hi All
Iv'e downloaded regseeker as recommended by vog,the only bit i use is the "clean the registry" earlier it found 140 items mostly green saying "file or path does not exist" which i deleted with no problems.
Some items were in red Hkey_classes_root invalid active x/com entry(clsid),plus various "extension not used",and unused "open with" entries.

Now the question,is it ok to delete these items in red,and is it always ok to delete everything that "clean the registry" finds or should i proceed with caution? Thanks Phil

  stalion 22:40 09 May 04

does your reg cleaner offer a backup before you delete if so make sure you back up first.Regards

  LastChip 22:40 09 May 04
  hugh-265156 22:41 09 May 04

i usually delete anything it lists,so far it has not caused me any problems and i have been using regseeker for a while now.

it creates a back up of anything you delete so you can always restore it by clicking on the back up you removed.

  VoG II 22:44 09 May 04

Well, as I'm likely to get the blame if it goes tits up I suppose I ought to respond.

Use this, and any other registry cleaners with caution. Before you run it Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

File/Export and save a copy to the desktop. Exit regedit and run regseeker. "Fix" the items in red. Restart your computer.

Assuming all is OK you can delete the backup of the registry. If you receive error messages, double click the backup and it will take you back to where you started.

  Eargasm 22:55 09 May 04

Ok thanks guys for your replies,good advice all round as usual,i'll proceed with caution.

Vog as if i'd blame you (you're a pc advisor helproom legend) haha thanks again.

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