Registry Mechanic

  S5W 19:10 07 Sep 05

My three and a half year old computer is a bit bunged up, it operates adequately for my needs but I know the registry contains a lot of rubbish. The thought of going through thousands of entries and then erasing the ones I dont need is daunting. Registry Mechanic has been recommended; is it worthwhile in your opinion? Any thoughts welcomed gratefully.

  stalion 19:12 07 Sep 05

this will clean the registry and the rest of your pc click here

  sinbad1 19:13 07 Sep 05

click here this one is free

  smokingbeagle 20:11 07 Sep 05

Agree with both of the above. Ccleaner and Regseeker.

  S5W 19:23 08 Sep 05

Thanks all, everything sorted. Apologies for the tardy reply.

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