Registry Maintenence

  johnincrete 16:49 25 Mar 09

Some time ago I asked about this and the advice was leave it alone (or was I using Tech Guys then). Looking at another post, many of you were recommending CCleaner.

What's the truth? Can a "dirty" registry slow my computer down?

Can a complete novice clean the registry?

  Forum Editor 18:18 25 Mar 09

Eventually, but it has to be pretty 'dirty' before you would notice any difference.

"Can a complete novice clean the registry?"

Yes, by using software designed for the job - like CCleaner. I don't recommend that you touch the registry yourself.

  sunnystaines 08:59 26 Mar 09

I noticed improvements in XP when keeping the registry clean and defraged but not in vista.

But out of habit run reg cleaners regularly.
I found yesterday my favourite reg defrag is no longer free [auslogics]

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