Registry locked by administrator

  fishmad pete 08:05 02 Oct 03

My friend had the kak virus. I have tried to get into the registry of his system to remove the offending line. He is using windows 98SE. When ever I try to use regedit I get the message "the registry is locked by the administrator.
My friend only knows his access password. And under passwords I can't find any mention of an administrator. The local firm that built his computer has gone bust so no help there.
Has anyone any ideas how I can remove this lock on the registry editor.

many thanks

  Jester2K II 08:07 02 Oct 03

E-mail me -i'll send you the file to unlock it.

The virus has locked you out of the registry.

  Jester2K II 08:14 02 Oct 03

Sure it was KAK Worm??

  fishmad pete 08:35 02 Oct 03

Hi thanks for prompt reply.

Yes I'am sure its the kak. Found the .HTA file in the stat up. He believes he got it from microsoft that stated he should install the update. I don't think it was this email that caused his problem though. he had the preview pane open in outlook express and he didn't have the up to date patch for it either. I have now removed the kak file, amended the autoexec file and down loaded the update for outlook express. Just can;t get rid of the registry setting. My email is
[email protected]

I will run mcaffee "stinger" to check for others once I've got access to the registry.

Many thanks

  Jester2K II 08:42 02 Oct 03

I'm not convinced it the KakWorm!!

Gibe or Swen arrives as an update from MS. KakWorm doesn't

Gibe or Swen locks you out of the registry with this message. KakWorm doesn't.

Files sent.

  Jester2K II 08:42 02 Oct 03

Sounds like more than one virus is present.

  fishmad pete 08:48 02 Oct 03

Yes I know what you are saying. When I first got the phone message that he had opened an attachment from microsoft, I immeadiately thought of the Gibe and Swen virus. However I thought these only affected XP and not windows 98SE. Then I thought someone had used the same method to spread the KAk virus. The autoexec file definitely had the lines for the KaK virus. It could well be that he has more than one virus. His antivirus was well out of date!!!!
Will down load your files and go round to see if I can get in

  Jester2K II 08:52 02 Oct 03
  Jester2K II 09:01 02 Oct 03

These files are now "on trial" online - click here

Use at your own risk.

If there is no negative feedback i'll put up a proper page for them.

  graham√ 09:06 02 Oct 03

If you disconnect the PC from the mains and take the battery out of the motherboard for 30 minutes the password may become unset.

  Jester2K II 09:12 02 Oct 03

Its not that sort of lock out - battery removal will do nothing.

Check the following thread

click here

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