The registry cannot load the hive>

  zeppman 20 Apr 12

My friend has a desktop PC when they try and boot it up this message aoppears.

STOP c0000218 (registry file failure) The registry can not load the hive (file) System root \system 32\config\SOFTWARE or its log or alternative. It is corrupt,absent ornot writtable. Being dumped of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete. Contact your system administrator or technical support group.

Can anyone help with a fix for this please.

  buteman 20 Apr 12
  buteman 20 Apr 12

And the make and model of the computer or laptop.

  zeppman 20 Apr 12

It's XP buteman

  buteman 20 Apr 12

I would leave it till someone that knows better can give you the proper details of how to fix it.

I just picked that other bit up from Google so do not know if it will work or not.

Wait and see what other help you can get first before trying that.

I don't suppose the computer will start now.if not will it start in safe mode.

  KRONOS the First 20 Apr 12

This is a fun one to sort looking at this:Microsoft. It would probably be simpler taking the hard-drive out ,slaving it to someone else's PC, copying all your personal stuff, putting the drive back in and then reinstalling XP.

  rdave13 20 Apr 12

I would certainly take Chronus' advice and try and retreive all your docs, photos etc before trying a repair.

Kellys Korner system or software hive damaged.

Recovery console XP

  zeppman 20 Apr 12


I will try and get model ,I know It's about 6 or 7 years old

  zeppman 20 Apr 12

I dont think they are bothered if they lose whats on the hard drive as long as they get it going

  zeppman 20 Apr 12

buteman it says Dimension 5100 on the PC which is a Dell

  KRONOS the First 20 Apr 12

The make and model really only matters in regards to whether or not it has a recovery partition or not and how to access it. Knowing nothing of Dells perhaps someone with experience of this brand can advise on how to reset to factory settings or whatever it is called. Either that it will need to be an. XP disk the COA number which should be on a silver sticker somewhere on the PC. You would also need to download all the drivers,particularly the motherboard etc before you reinstalled Windows XP.


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