Registering Iolo System Mechanic

  johhnypick 10:48 AM 14 Jun 11

How do I get acces to register the software? The tinyurl link isn't working.

  recap 14:55 PM 15 Jun 11

Try right clicking the link and pasting it in to your address bar

  recap 14:56 PM 15 Jun 11

sorry that should have said right clicking, copy and pasting the link

  iscanut2 19:42 PM 15 Jun 11

He said the link does not work !!!

  wee eddie 21:09 PM 15 Jun 11

Where are you pasting the Tinyurl link?

  iscanut2 22:58 PM 15 Jun 11

What is the url ? Let us know so that we can have a look.

  ams4127 23:08 PM 15 Jun 11

IOLO sent me an email with the activation code which I just entered into the programme. I registered when I downloaded it.

  recap 08:19 AM 16 Jun 11

The link may not work from the original message but, copy and pasting in to a new tab window just may get it to work? Or there may be the option to open the link in a new window?


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