registering free Avast ?

  Ikelos 08:34 11 May 06

hi, I installed avast 3 days ago and filled in my details to register it, since then nothing, but i have had the nag box come up, is there anywhere i can register again, i have looked on their website, wondered if i can get the nag box up, so i can start again........thanks

  Stuartli 09:12 11 May 06

Yes, just go to the Registration page and re-register.

Just one thing. You have probably not ticked the box which declares you are not using it for business purposes or similar wording...:-)

Normally your registration number comes by e-mail within a very short time.

  Stuartli 09:13 11 May 06

The "demo" registration number is valid for around three months and the official version about 14 months.

  Ikelos 09:24 11 May 06

thanks, can i ask one more thing, where is the registration page?

  remind 09:34 11 May 06
  Stuartli 09:35 11 May 06

From the Support tab's drop down menu on the Avast! home page.

  Ikelos 09:38 11 May 06

Thank you all for the help, I just could not see it for looking.....wait now for the email

thanks again.

  FatboySlim71 09:39 11 May 06

Also check your Spam folder and see if the rergistration email has been delivered there by mistake. You should have got the email from Avast within five minutes.

  Ikelos 11:15 11 May 06

hi, good thinking that, just had a look and it's not there, but i will keep checking..thanks

  Stuartli 11:33 11 May 06

Did you remember to check the box? It's easily overlooked and, as a result, you won't get an e-mail with the registration number.

  Ikelos 13:44 11 May 06

hi again, yes, I did check the box :-)

just been back to the spam box, and lo and behold, there it was.. so now we are all sorted...thanks for all the help,,,

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