registering a domain - ID protect

  Bansaw 09:20 01 Dec 07

My host is charging me 12.00 pounds a year for ID protect (keeping my registration details hidden for whois etc on a .org address I registered with them).

Is this something normally charged for?
They are charging 15.00 pounds a year for the domain and 12.00 for domain ID protect.
Their hosting fee is competitive though....

Any thoughts?

  Forum Editor 11:39 01 Dec 07

and it's registered to an individual you can opt out of the Nominet WHOIS database at no charge. ICANN insists that any registrations in the domains under its administration must have valid contact details attached to it, and the lack of these is a ground for ICANN to invalidate the registration. Most registrars now offer to 'hide' your personal contact details for you, however, and they can do this by providing ICANN with generic contact information for your domain name - they simply use a special domain name of their own to mask your identity.

Almost always there's a charge for this service, but whether or not it's reasonable is a matter for your own judgment.

  Bansaw 13:29 01 Dec 07

Thanks,,, I have a simple .org address without the .uk
OK, I was just wondering if my host was charging me for something that they weren't doing!

  CodeMeister 13:58 01 Dec 07

Heart Internet charge £4.99 for this

click here

  techie4me 18:21 01 Dec 07

Is this a 'free' plug for them?

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