Register a Dll problem

  iscanut 09:58 13 May 07

I have had problems with IE7 and a possible culprit was mshtml.dll. I have tried to register this file via Regsvr32 but get the following response :

mshtml.dll was loaded but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. This file cannot be registered.

Anyone know why this should be the case and what to do about it ? I have been able to re register other dll files with no problems.

  MAJ 13:26 13 May 07

You haven't said what the problem with IE7 is, but try replacing the mshtml.dll in the "C:\WINDOWS\system32" folder with the one from the backup "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache" folder, just copy it across and when asked if you want to replace it with the new one, choose Yes. If you can't see the "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache" folder, go to My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View and untick the 'Hide protected operating system files' box and click Apply and OK to exit.

  iscanut 21:05 14 May 07

This was my IE7 problem,

Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6000.16441, faulting module mshtml.dll, version 7.0.6000.16414, fault address 0x000b7022.

  Diversion 00:49 15 May 07

I would try re-installing IE7 as a file search for mshtml.dll came up with 10 dll's with that name and IE7's size was 2,985kb, and the one in system 32 was 3,494kb in size. they range from 232kb to 7,820kb and if you put the wrong one in the wrong place it could effect other programs.

  iscanut 10:28 20 May 07

Have reinstalled IE7 from scratch, but still crashes now and again with above problem. Will make more use of Firefox ! Am still curious as to why I cannot register this .dll file. Any comments ?

  skidzy 13:13 20 May 07

This may help,a little long process but may work.

Download SP2 again and save to your desktop click here then burn to disc,then install on the pc.
By saving to desktop and disc you will have this always availble to reregister some files.

You will need a broadband connection and it will take some time im afraid.

No guarantees this will work but certainly worth trying.

Also try the system file checker,

Start/Run and type sfc /scannow and enter.

Understanding sfc click here

  iscanut 20:32 20 May 07

Thanks skidzy, but I won't go down that route for now. How does sfc work when you already have sp2 installed, as some files on the original Windows xp disc will have been superseded on the sp2 update. Which disc do you put in the drive if and when prompted ?

  skidzy 20:48 20 May 07

Your best bet is to run sfc and when asked insert the windows disc and let it do the rest.

  skidzy 21:30 20 May 07

Just a thought,if you can find the mshtml.dll in the C:\WINDOWS\system32" folder ,try renaming this to something like and then try to re-register the dll and reboot.

Though MAJ's route certainly looks good it maybe your backup has become corrupted,you will need to remove this or rename it.

Have a look here click here
think this will sort you out.

Create a restore point first.

  iscanut 09:14 21 May 07

Thanks skidzy.

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