Regcure connects to the internet at startup

  StuFromPoole 13:01 27 Jul 07

Hi all,

I have installed and run Regcure and niggling problems have been fixed and my PC is running great.

However, at start up, the PC automatically connects to the internet.

I disconnected the USB to the modem and sure enough, at the next start up, I got an 'no dial tone' error message with a Regcure icon. I assume, therefore, that Regcure is the culprit.

How can I prevent Regcure or any other application from making automatic connections.

I ran MSConfig, but can find no value to disbale that seems to be associated with the newly installed Regcure.

What are your thoughts

Many thanks - Stu.

  alan2273 14:53 27 Jul 07

Download and install this program, then run it and click on Tools and start up.
It will show you what program s are running at start up.

click here

  StuFromPoole 15:53 27 Jul 07


Thanks for that.

I've run the CCleaner and looked at the startup tool. I can see no specific reference to Regcure, just a list of other stuff that quite frankly I don't know what it all does? Some is quite obvious, others a mystery but no Regcure?
Has Regcure tweaked a setting of another application that is now the auto connect cause?


  alan2273 19:14 27 Jul 07

Are you using a firewall, if so which one, as you can use the firewall to block Regcure connecting to the internet.

  audeal 22:25 27 Jul 07

Try stopping Regcure from starting at bootup. If it don't run at startup then it cant run when connecting to the internet. You can always start it up manually when you need it.

  woodchip 22:59 27 Jul 07

It's looking for updates for it's self. To disable. remove the tick in MSCONFIG

  StuFromPoole 12:45 28 Jul 07

Thanks all for your help. This is now resolved.

What had happened was the Regcure had written itself a Scheduled Task to check for updates a Start Up.

By clicking "Start", "Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools" and then "Scheduled Tasks", I was able to remove the task the Regcure had written for itself.

Thanks again for your combined input.

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