User-178362 19:05 14 Aug 06

I have problems with The RegClean Team. I click on it. Blue line goes across with a message saying Loading Type Library Identifiers, but then it doesn't do anything. I have left it there for a long time, tried it several times, The only way I can get it off my screen is to close the PC down. Help please I am looking at one problem at a time now. When I have this fixed I will be back with another, I promise.

  johndrew 20:13 14 Aug 06

Have you looked click here it should tell you everything you want to know.

I am unfamiliar with this software but would suggest that if you are not comfortable with it you consider changing to RegScrubXP click here which I find simple and reliable.

  SB23 20:20 14 Aug 06

Agree with johndrew, RegscrubXP is easy to use and has never caused me any problems.
Try it, what have you got to loose?


  VoG II 20:27 14 Aug 06

RegscrubXP gets my vote too.

Click Regscrub finds problems

Let it scan

Click Select all problems

Click Fix selected problems

Click Exit

However my personal favourite (not free) is Registry Mechanic click here

  User-178362 20:49 14 Aug 06

I have looked in Add/Remove cannot see it to delete. Could you help me here please, How important is it to have RegscrubXP? I see there is someone on the forum that does not know how to use it. Now theres a problem will I?

  User-178362 21:02 14 Aug 06

I have just looked at Registry Mechanic, I can see I can download but do not see how much or how to pay. Looks free to me.

  VoG II 21:08 14 Aug 06
  User-178362 01:29 15 Aug 06

Would still like to know how to work RegClean and how to get it of my D/t without closing?

  johndrew 11:57 15 Aug 06

Some programs have their own uninstaller. If you go to `Start/All Programs` and look for RegClean and put your mouse poiter over it you may see an entry something like `Uninstall RegClean`. To uninstall click on this.

If you still can`t uninstall it then try reinstalling it over the existing copy. This should do any repair necessary. You should then be able to either use it as advertised or uninstall it either through `Add/Remove` or its own uninstaller if it has one.

I also have the copy of Registry Mechanic that came with PCA December `05. It is easy to use but, in my opinion, not as good as RegScrubXP. If I run Registry Mechanic and then RegScrubXP the latter will pick up `bits` that Registry Mechanic missed.

  User-178362 19:34 15 Aug 06

Thank you will try what you say and close this thread.

  User-178362 18:16 18 Aug 06

I am about to download Regscrub. A message came up in a box saying Regscrub already exists. Would you like to install to that directory anyway. Yes? or no? What should I say yes I guess but I didn't know I had it on my PC, looked in add / remove it isn't listed. I don't want to keep asking questions but one leads to another.

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