Regaining file access after re-installing XP

  tallboy 09:39 29 Apr 09

As a result of a corrupt registry hive and boot sector (probably caused when my power supply failed) I have had to re-format my 'C' drive & re-install Windows XP.

I keep all my data in a 'My Documents' folder on my E drive, which originally I set up to access as 'private' from the 'My Documents' icon on the Start menu. (i.e. I changed the target from the default 'My Documents' folder)

Although I have set up exactly the same User Name and password as I originally used, I am getting an 'Access Denied' message when I try to access the files.

How do I re-gain access to my documents?

  MAJ 09:42 29 Apr 09
  tallboy 19:38 29 Apr 09

Many thanks for the quick response MAJ - It's all fixed now!

  MAJ 19:42 29 Apr 09

Happy to help, tallboy.

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