Reg Seeker

  loopyloo 17:25 10 Feb 04

I have downloaded the above and want some help. I can use this program as a zip file and have to keep unzipping it to open the program. For some reason I just cannot open the program as normal. I can't even set a desktop icon to open. Also why does this program not show in add remove programs or in windows exployrer. I can use this program but to get into it is very long winded. Has anyone else had this problem.

  Valvegrid 17:35 10 Feb 04

I have this program. If you make a new folder and extract the program to it and run it from there. You won't find it in add/remove because it doesn't actually install itself on your system, it runs directly from the exe file, make a shortcut to put onto the desktop. I don't use it now because it remove certain reg entries that I wanted, so I had to reinstall the effected programs, so be careful.

  Valvegrid 17:38 10 Feb 04

Sorry, wrong word, effected = affected :-)

  loopyloo 13:09 11 Feb 04

Thank you for the information.

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