Reg Mechanic

  User-178362 23:47 24 Aug 06

I have Reg Mechanic license ready for when I install but I cannot download version Reg Machanic 5. Any idea's welcome please the free download closes on the 31 August.

  brundle 09:50 25 Aug 06
  brundle 09:50 25 Aug 06
  Pamy 10:09 25 Aug 06

Just what is your problem downloading Reg Mechanic?

  Forum Editor 11:39 25 Aug 06

for the download? Post the address please.

  User-178362 17:46 25 Aug 06

VoG gave the link for Angry Kid, from my Reg Clean post, 14/8/06 at 21:05. I then clicked on Angry Kids link. I have reread the link under PC Tools Software, Computer Active. Looks like I had to buy a mag to get a disk to download. Looks as if I made a mistake. I think that explains why I cannot download.

  User-178362 18:21 25 Aug 06

I clicked on Brundle link Registry Cleaner Download. It found 357 problems and fixed 6. I have Ad-Aware, and have downloaded regscrubxp but this says it can bring problems, something like that. I am wondering should I delete this program?

  VoG II 20:11 25 Aug 06

You have totally lost me I'm afraid.

  User-178362 20:51 25 Aug 06

VoG. Look under my thread (Reg Clean 14/8.) or 24/8. This date confuses me as it has on the Forum 24/8. When I look at the thread it has 14/8. You gave me a link to Angry Kid, thats where I picked up the second link to download Reg Mechanic. Have I miss understood?

  rdave13 20:53 25 Aug 06

If you have regscrubxp on your desktop then double click the icon. Regscrub will open then click the"regscrubxp finds problems" tab and wait untill scan has completed.

Click "select all problems" tab on bottom left. Click "fix selected problems" tab on middle bottom. Once complete click the "exit" tab on bottom right. It's safe to yous if you let regscrub xp do the scans automatically.

  rdave13 20:55 25 Aug 06

yous=use, sorry. Regscrubxp is as good a registry fix program as any- recommended.

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