"refreshing" windows XP

  pollpott 13:28 27 Nov 04

If I want to reinstall xp from the disk supplied with my dell machine will i be given the opportunity to keep drivers, broadband instllation etc. as i go through? I want to do this as a way to get rid of all unnecessary junk

  mattyc_92 14:13 27 Nov 04

If you FORMAT your system, Windows WILL re-install most of your Hardware's drivers, but things like your "BroadBand Modem" you would have to re-install yourself using the disk that your internet provider gave you

  Djohn 14:18 27 Nov 04

Your restore disk will take your system back to the exact configuration it was when first bought. Any drivers that were present then will be reinstalled but any new ones, updates or ISP settings will need to be installed again.

If you have your files backed up and a list of passwords etc, then it won't take long to reinstall your broadband connection and move your files back again.

Don't forget to export all your Favs./address book contents and any saved emails to a separate drive or CD so that you can import them back again after the install.

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