AngelofDeath 17:46 01 Apr 06


I need to totally erase all data on my hard drives, can anybody tell me where i can get a tool (preferably free)to do this. At the moment even though i have reformatted the two drives prior to installing Windows XP, when i had a problem and had to remove the master drive, when i rebooted the computer the slave drive booted up with Windows 98. Even after re-installing XP, i still have a problem with a previously installed nvidia driver interfering with the current graphics card (i think).


  bremner 18:09 01 Apr 06

If you have reformatted the drives properly then a old driver can not be interferring with the new set up. Formatting, whilst not deleting data, overwrites all the old systems areas, FAT or NTFS.

How have you formatted the drives?

  PC Bilbo 18:20 01 Apr 06

This is a free one click here

Provides a low level wipe free or more sophisticated if you pay.

  AngelofDeath 18:24 01 Apr 06


I used the reformatting tool in the compter management section of the Administrative section of the control panel. Like it said even though i did a reformat and it said it was clear, windows 98 was still lurking somewhere in the background. There must be a way of totally eradicating all previous data.


  PC Bilbo 18:32 01 Apr 06

Yes - you need to wipe your hard drive before formatting. I use [email protected] (see previous link above).

This "wipes" your hdd by overwriting with 0's . This should suffice for home users and you can then partion and format as normal.If you have more than one partition you want to erase, you will need to run the programme for each.

  bremner 18:38 01 Apr 06

Sorry but the format could not have been done successfully as this would have wiped the necessary areas of the disk for a fresh install.

PC Bilbo's wipe program will wipe the drive but is overkill for what you are requiring.

  DieSse 19:14 01 Apr 06

bremner is quite correct - a format places all space on the drive in the free (available) space table - so nothing from earlier can possibly rear it's head again (apart from a few unusual mbr viruses).

  Geordie 20:07 01 Apr 06

Hello all,
I too want to reformat my hard drive and do a clean install of windows xp.
I note that you say that perhaps a reformat had not been done correctly.
How should it be done?

  VoG II 20:14 01 Apr 06
  Geordie 17:51 02 Apr 06

A very useful site
thanks for your help

  Geordie 17:05 19 Apr 06

It worked a treat.
Am now up and running after installing a new HDD and doing a clean install. Takes ages to add all th other software and update.
Very many thanks for your help

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