Reformatting and reinstalling with two Hard Drives

  kevvyb 01:52 18 Apr 03

Reformatting and reinstalling with two hard drives
I have two HD's configured as primary master and primary slave on one IDE channel.
I'm getting to the point where I might want to do a complete reformat and reinstall (totally wiping both HD's). However, I will want to save my data on the secondary HD, reformat and reinstall on the primary hard drive and then visa versa.

Is it possible to do this with both HD's connected or will I have to disconnect the secondary drive? (Haven't done this before with the two HD's installed).

All comments greatly appreciated.

  MAJ 07:47 18 Apr 03

Yes you can do that, kevvyb. If the Master isn't formatted as NTFS, insert a Win98se bootdisk and choose "Start with CD-ROM Support" and at the A:\. prompt type "format c" (without the quote marks), that will format the master drive. Then insert your Windows CD and type x:\setup, were x is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

  kevvyb 09:43 18 Apr 03

Thanks Maj.

I am assuming that using a wipe utility to completely erase all data on the HD does not make any difference?

  MAJ 10:01 18 Apr 03

I have never done it that way, kevvyb, so can't give you a definitive answer on that, I'm sure someone else will be able to though. I assume you would be using the wipe utility from DOS as I don't think you could *completely* wipe the drive from within Windows. Although you could probably wipe the slave drive (from the master) using the Wipe utility after re-installing Win98 on the Master. But right clicking on the Slave (while in Win98 on the master) and choosing Format would do the same thing.

  kevvyb 10:23 18 Apr 03

Hi Maj,

I'll use the utility provided by the HD manufactuerer (Powermax). This takes about 7-8 hours for a 60Gig HD.

  Megatyte 10:30 18 Apr 03

Why the wipe? All you need to do is re-format.


  kevvyb 10:39 18 Apr 03

Isn't it better just to completely wipe for a fresh start?

  seedie 10:41 18 Apr 03

You may need to wipe the drives if you're going to
give/sell the computer/drives to another person.
If you're keeping the drives a format will suffice.


  kevvyb 12:03 18 Apr 03


I am trying to eliminate a number of those annoying little issues that develop over time and just suggest too many changes to the registry.

Does a reformat suffice for this purpose?

  MAJ 13:23 18 Apr 03


  woodchip 13:40 18 Apr 03

Cannot see what your Operating System is or if it's a Full Windows setup disc or Restore disc you need to say before you start doing anything

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