Reformatting NTFS Hard Disk in FAT32 system

  Jem 21:13 18 Jun 07

I am about to move my old hard drive (60GB NTFS formatted) from my XP PC into an old W98SE PC which currently stumbles under a 5GB FAT32 drive.

I intend to do this using Acronis True Image: installing the newer drive first as "slave"; then taking an image of the smaller drive; and finally I'll make the new drive the master and use it as the main drive.

My question: will there be any difficulty putting the FAT32 image onto the currently NTFS formatted disk? or will Acronis TI reformat the destination disk for me into the FAT32 system?

Sorry if this seems obvious but it's the first time I've done this.

  woodchip 21:26 18 Jun 07

Yes, it will load it as Fat32, As Acronis also loads the Partition INFO or as it's called the MBR Master Boot Record. You can only try it but that's my view

  Strawballs 22:15 18 Jun 07

You could try putting it back into the XP machine as a slave and right clicking on it in my computer and chooseing format I think one of the options is FAT32 (I could be wrong)

  Joe R 22:26 18 Jun 07


when you boot from your 98cd, at the command prompt, type "fdisk" (without exclamation marks) and follow the prompts to wipe the drive, when the system reboots, just type "format" as normal and it will format as a fat32 file system.

  Joe R 22:28 18 Jun 07

A full explanation of the fdisk tool.

click here

  woodchip 22:42 18 Jun 07

98se FDISK do's not work with NTFS

  woodchip 22:43 18 Jun 07

Acronis is the way to go

  Jem 23:23 18 Jun 07

Think I will try using Acronis and see if it works. Will post results - but probably won't have time to do for a few days.

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