Reformatting a computer - Want to save set of documents?.

  spuds 17:26 14 Dec 13

I am contemplating reformatting a spare computer. Presently there are some documents in a Microsoft Works programme that I wish to save and possibly put on another computer later.

The way I understand, is that a usb stick would be the ideal way. Can someone lead me to a good tutorial that provides an easy way of doing the task required.

  lotvic 17:43 14 Dec 13

Is the spare computer bootable ok? if so then in Windows Explorer just Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste to the usb stick.

  bumpkin 17:45 14 Dec 13

If only documents, just copy them to a CD or DVD I would have thought.

  Batch 18:24 14 Dec 13


I'm somewhat confused by your post. You've been on this forum for a long time and I would therefore assume that you reasonably know your way around a PC. Plus you seem to be intending to do something quite fundamental (reformatting a spare computer) and being something I would expect only reasonably knowledgable people to take on.

Yet you seem to be asking about something so basic (as in copying some Microsoft works documents off a computer).

Maybe it's just me (and I certainly don't mean to offend), but there seems to be an incongruity in there.

To me, maybe a more pertinent question might be what other software will able to access Microrsoft Works documents? (I'm assuming the PC they are on at the moment has MS Works).

  Woolwell 18:40 14 Dec 13

Copy and paste to USB stick (note not cut and paste). Better to burn to CD or to copy to external drive.

  john bunyan 19:26 14 Dec 13

I have ALL my data in a master folder "My Documents" with sub folders such as Pictures, spread sheets , Word etc. I have all this on a separate partition. I make frequent mirror image copies to a second HD using Freefilesynch or SynchToy. Also I make additional copies to an external USB HD. In this way it is easy to either copy all this to another PC or , if necessary, use an image or clone of the C: drive to restore it if it goes wrong without losing the data partition. In your case , if you have a USB HD I would use that. I would also burn a Data DVD with the folders you need. I prefer belt and braces - ie two back ups, so if you have no USB drive I would back up to a DVD and as memory stick. You could use the free "Cloud" - Dropbox.

  wee eddie 19:48 14 Dec 13

Like Batch, I am also confused at the basic nature of your question.

Assuming that the Stick has sufficient space on it, just Copy and paste.

If you want to transfer Works, then you're in trouble. .

  bumpkin 20:30 14 Dec 13

I have assumed that spuds only wants to copy his data files in which case all suggestions are fine, best to let him clarify.

  compumac 21:07 14 Dec 13

I would concur with Batch, is this the SAME spuds that has been on for a long time or an imposter?

  bumpkin 21:32 14 Dec 13

Not an imposter at all, at least give the guy a chance to explain, there may be more to it.

  spuds 22:58 14 Dec 13

Gentlemen - By way of an explanation I am just going through one of those senior citizen moments :o)

I think I have found what I was originally looking for click here

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