Reformat WD external drive

  exdragon 09 Jun 11

Hi - the title says what I want to do as it was causing a problem. I've copied everything onto another drive and a friend told me to not to just do a quick format, but instead to do one which looks at every sector. However, when I right click the drive in My Computer, the only options are Quick format and Enable compression.

I've got XP and the drive is NTFS, unpartitioned. Do you think a quick format will be ok, or is there another option lurking somewhere which will do the equivlalent of a brillo pad job?

  mgmcc 09 Jun 11

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type cmd and click OK) and, at the prompt, type...

format x: /fs:ntfs

[where "x" is the drive letter of the external drive]

...and press Enter. The drive must already have a single partition or you wouldn't have been able to use it.

  rawprawn 09 Jun 11

Go into Admin tools / disk management / and format from there.

  exdragon 09 Jun 11

Thank you - I thought there must be something somewhere!

  exdragon 09 Jun 11

Rawprawn - that only gives the options of quick format or enable file and folder compression.

  rawprawn 09 Jun 11

I'm surprised, but thanks for telling me. RP

  canarieslover 09 Jun 11

Try Western Digital support - Support page I recently had to reformat and run diagnostics for a friends Passport external drive and I did a full format on that.

  rawprawn 09 Jun 11

I formatted my WD "My Book" twice using the method I suggested, like canarieslover I had no problems.

  woodchip 09 Jun 11

Yes a Quick Format, But First do a Full Disc Check using Disc Checker under My Computer, Double Click My Computer then Right Click the Drive/Properties/Tools Disc Check and tick the box to do a full check. In old Win98 you could not do a Format if the Drive had Problems, It made you do it like the above, disc check then Formate

  exdragon 09 Jun 11

woodchip - the options in Tools are Automatically fix file system errors or scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors - do I pick the second option? And then do the quick format?

  woodchip 09 Jun 11



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