reformat card

  1st spring 24 Nov 11

Could you tell me,. How do I reformat my card that goes into my camera so that I can start afresh, please

  BRYNIT 24 Nov 11

You will need to reformat the card in the camera.

If you look through the instruction manual it should tell you how format the card.

  1st spring 24 Nov 11

I have Formated the card. (It doesn't say reformat) Yes, there are no pic to be seen. Good but when I checked on the disk i.e by doing a Digital Image Recovery, there they are going back onto my PC. I thought there wouldn't be any pic to go back onto PC

  BRYNIT 25 Nov 11

Formating a flash drive does not completely remove them. A Digital image recovery program is designed to recover lost pictures from a formated flash drive as long as you have not taken any more pictures.

When you take further picture they will over write the original ones preventing them from being recovered.

  difarn 27 Nov 11


Do you just mean that you want to delete your photos from your card? If so you can do this on the camera and you are given the option to do so each time you transfer your photos to your PC. I am not sure why you want to re-format your card.

  Terry Brown 27 Nov 11

The only time you need to to format a card is when an error occurs, i.e. the card for some reason fails, otherwise just delete when you load the photo's to the computer.

If you want to give the camera to someone else and you do not want them to see what is on the card, then remove and destroy the card. New cards are cheap enough to buy.


  woodchip 27 Nov 11

Format and delete is not much different, Format clears the Information at the start of the card and resets it, a bit like a Library that knows where the books are, Deleting just removes parts in that Index above. As above the Pictures are there to be easy to recover if you need to, if not they will be over written by new Pictures or Digital Information while you use the card


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