Refitting old HD as Slave.

  Rayspan 12:32 01 Oct 05

Have successfully 'rebuilt' my system after M/B failure. (Very proud of that - unjustifiably - it was so easy.)
When H/W failure began to show up (frequent failure to start WinXP) I assumed HDD was on the way out and purchased a new one, this is now my new 'C' drive.
I've jumpered the old drive as slave and mounted it. Now the system is straight again I want to plug in the flat cable and re-commission it.
Considering it still has all the old stuff, (partition & WinXP,) is that likely to cause any probs? Or can I just invoke disk management and re-format et.c.

  gudgulf 12:39 01 Oct 05

You've more or less answered your own question.....Just set the jumper on the back of the drive to "slave" if it is on the same Ide channel as the new drive and then format/partition it with disc manager as you daid.

Your old xp installation wont try to boot,it will merely be seen as a collection of files and folders by the new XP installation.

  dan11 12:40 01 Oct 05

It should not give you any problems. Boot it up and see if it is showing. If it is, it should do, transfer what you need off it.

Then just format the drive, you will then have the spare space.

  Rayspan 12:56 01 Oct 05

Thanks chaps - gives me confidence to plug it in.

  Rayspan 13:32 01 Oct 05

OK - done & dusted. Thanks again.

'Found New Hardware'/'Hardware ready after reboot'/Reboot . . . BINGO!

Old files all available, needn't have spent so much effort on backup and restore. Glad I did though!

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