Reducing size of "Start>All Programs"

  Enoch 06:39 13 Aug 06

Some time ago, (but since lost due to senior years) I read how to reduce the size of the Start>All Programs by incorporating 'like' programmes together under a single folder in the menu, i.e. if I introduce a folder entitled say "Photography", one could put other programs like "PhotoShop", "Fastone Viewer", "Photobie", etc., within this folder.

If any of you guys knows how, I would appreciate instructions please

  Taff™ 07:27 13 Aug 06

Right Click the Start Button and "Explore All Users" Then in Windows Explorer left pane select "Programs" from the file tree and File>New>Folder - Name it "Computer" for example and then drag all the icons relating to Computer from the right hand pane into it in the left pane. (Printer Icons, Manuals, etc)

Repeat as necessary.

  Meshuga 11:09 13 Aug 06


  Enoch 11:53 13 Aug 06

Taff-----thanks pal, your instructions was EXACTLY what I wanted

Meshuga-----*** ??

  Taff™ 15:47 13 Aug 06

Meshuga just wanted to BUMP (Bump Up My Post) to get it to the top of the list.

  Taff™ 15:49 13 Aug 06

Don`t forget to mark the thread as resolved by ticking the box. Cheers!

  Enoch 15:54 13 Aug 06

Taff, thanks again, I have reduced my Start>All Programs by a third.

I will now close thread as you advised. Cheers!!!

  Enoch 15:55 13 Aug 06


  Diemmess 16:34 13 Aug 06


  Taff™ 23:01 13 Aug 06

And the others just want it in their postings for reference!

  Taff™ 23:23 13 Aug 06

By the way, once you have done this exercise you can drag & drop All Program icons up and down the All Program list and move them into the correct folders. Good if you add a new program and want to quickly put it into its correct folder.

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