Reduce size of D Drive Acer F5

  ThickMick 20:15 07 Feb 08

My Acer F5 came with an 80GB hard drive. This is split C Drive 40gb NTFS and D Drive 40GB Fat32.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the D Drive to increase spare capacity for programmes and files etc.

  Widow's Son 20:19 07 Feb 08

But you need to reformat - not an easy task!

I'd guess from your question that you are not overly confident and so wouldn't advise it.

If your D drive is not full you could just install your programs/save your files to there.

  ThickMick 20:25 07 Feb 08

Quite confident with things I know as just used the Acer Vista Upgrade CD after 6 months and system now dual boot after using Acronis to recover from a disaster.

Just that I read about the D Drive being for recovery and should not be used for other things. Or is that not quite true.

Not one to rush in etc but still a bit of a fool at times.

  Jake_027 20:32 07 Feb 08

The D drive isn't a recovery one, it is just used for data. Unless it's been wiped, the recovery drive is hidden. Although if you have acronis anyway, I wouldn't say it's needed.

  ThickMick 20:43 07 Feb 08

Thanks to both of you just sets my mind at rest.

  helen_312 20:44 07 Feb 08

shrink and expand tool.

Right click my computer and manage. Then select disk management. select the C drive and right click, pick expand if available. If it's not available you might have to back up the data on D and then clear it.

Select the amount of space you want to expand C to. The rest should be automatic.

  ashdav 22:07 07 Feb 08

For those with XP (no partition resize facility) I would recommend Parted Magic click here
It is a Linux partition tool (ie free) that can resize,delete and merge partitions.
Boot from the CD (the download is an ISO image that can be burned to CD) and let it install.
Hover over the bottom left icon on the toolbar that comes up then click on it.
Select what you want to do from the top toolbar.
I would recommend that you empty the D partition before you do this just in case.
After you've finished,XP will reboot into CHKDSK because the partition has been changed.
Don't worry all will be well the next time it reboots.
I used it yesterday to merge a D partition into the C drive and it all went without a hitch.

  ashdav 22:13 07 Feb 08

I would add that Parted Magic does not install to the HDD only to RAM so no trace of it is left in XP.

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