The Red Padlock sign?

  peter99co 16:39 11 Feb 08

Who puts the Red Padlock on a post and what is it for. Is it safe/not safe?

  anskyber 16:41 11 Feb 08

The Forum Editor to lock the thread because he is unhappy with the thread for various reasons. It does not denote safety, usually if a thread is unsafe for any reason the whole thread will be deleted.

  MAT ALAN 16:43 11 Feb 08

it is put there by the forum editor when he thinks that the post is going nowhere or what is being put into it has no relevance to the original question.
Rather then delete the post it is padlocked so it can still be read...

  Cymro. 17:03 11 Feb 08

Or if the posting is in some way offensive to someone. Seems to be entirely at the forum Editors discretion.
No F.E. I am not complaining about that someone has to do the job.

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