Red lightening symbol on desktop icons

  Big Ben 10:15 24 Jan 08

We have a pc running vista, there seems to be a red lightening symbol over the program icons on the desktop, any idea whats going on.

I've done a copy of the desktop at:

click here

Please help as i don't know whether to click them or not!

  Big Ben 10:16 24 Jan 08

p.s. sorry about the spelling mistake!

  johnnyrocker 10:20 24 Jan 08

do they say what they are? and might this be better in vista forum?


  Technotiger 10:32 24 Jan 08

Have they always been like this - if not, try a System Restore back to when the icons were normal.

  Gongoozler 10:41 24 Jan 08

Right click on an icon, select "Properties". This might give a clue. I suspect that you have installed (possibly accidentally) some software that has this effect.

  Big Ben 10:44 24 Jan 08

No only today,anyone any idea what they mean?

  Technotiger 10:51 24 Jan 08

I did a Google - nothing at all found! Do a System Restore.

  birdface 10:53 24 Jan 08

Vista here I have tried Googling it but could find nothing.If no luck try the Vista Forum.

  johnnyrocker 10:55 24 Jan 08

as per my 10.20 post.


  lotvic 11:08 24 Jan 08

you seem to have somehow replaced the 'shortcut arrow' with the 'white square with red lightening'

I have not got Vista but found click here that may be of use. Another click here

google click here=

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