recycle bin freezes

  CiderBob 20:01 09 Aug 04

I got norton protected recycle bin and when I right click it, nothing works everythimg freezes and I gotto re boot to get anything working..........I did a virus checker but nothing there and I did a norton win doctor and apart from some active x problems, that it fixed,,,nothing.
Can anyone help???

  johnsims 20:32 09 Aug 04

Yeah .... disable norton protected recycle bin and just use it as windows intended. Had a very similar problem with it myself some time ago, reinstalled system works and did not allow the norton protected bin.

  CiderBob 20:32 09 Aug 04

I suppose everyone is stumped

  CiderBob 20:36 09 Aug 04

I went to norton utilities and changed to standard bin but it still says norton protected and still freezes up. even after a re boot

  johnsims 20:39 09 Aug 04

Have you tried the knowledge base at symantec? click here go to support, click through the automated suppoet wizard thingy, say no to the download and you will get the option to input your product and do a search.

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